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The challenge

Renew the regional website and each country of Honda Lac, seeking to be more modern, agile, and efficient to help American Honda and distributors achieve the objectives of the region. 

Specific Objectives: 

  • Align identity and communication to strengthen the brand in the region, using the best practices and design references. 

  • Improve the user experience using the best technologies and strategies to optimize the sites’ performance. 

  • Create a web platform that is administrable and standardized for all, while being flexible enough to adapt to the different business, communication, and marketing needs of the different countries.


What we did

Functional, flexible website for all countries

We analyzed the current website to detect areas of opportunity and made a benchmark divided into 5 sections: vehicles, shopping tools, dealers, leads, and content.   

Research was conducted in order to determine what works for automotive industry sites, the American Honda site, and competitors in the region, while also the countries’ requests for the daily scope of work and the conclusions of the Miami Summit.

What we created

We designed the new platform to satisfy the needs of the Caribbean and Central American markets with the following pillars: brand construction, mobile first, performance, flexibility for countries, SEO content, and leads-focused. 

The new website has the shopping tools necessary to make payment estimates, view vehicle prices, and build & price the models.  

The platform also has an admin that allows each country to make immediate changes to their content so they can update prices, model years, and some additional information.


Personalized capabilities for each country’s needs

There is a standard structure with the most advanced technologies based on the brand’s design and that meets countries’ main needs, as well as some extra functionalities that improve the consumer’s experience in order to achieve the highest LEADS generation that can be activated per country.


Monthly Visits

75% to 90%

Mobile Visits


Build & Price Monthly Users

Services provided on this project

Creative Concept

Brand Positioning

Digital Strategy

Content Strategy

Ad Buying Strategy

SEO - Friendly Website

Strategic Planning

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