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The challenge

Do you remember that painful, embarrassing, awkward day you got your first cold sore? You had to try very hard to hide it because, of course, it came at worst time ever…  If you've never had to go through that, phew! You're part of the lucky one-third of the world's population. But if you have, we feel you! 

Luckily, Cicloferon knows better than anyone what’s the big deal with cold sores, and has a winning formula to treat the first symptoms.   

The problem is when you have a cold sore, you want to get rid of it as soon as possible, and so many people think that home remedies will do the trick, or they come across all this fake news about the disease.  

So, we had to do something about it. If people are desperately looking for answers, we will give the right ones, and say “Keep it cool!”, It’s OK, you can treat it with Cicloferon.  

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What we did

Insight-based creative digital campaign

We sat down to analyze all the research about our target audience's feelings and behaviors regarding cold sores, and we identified a clear strategic path to tackling this problem creatively, asking ourselves what it would be like to feel worried, angry, and stressed about a f****ng cold sore. 

We developed a digital strategy focused on creating awareness about cold sores, covering not only the first breakout, but also what to do when they reappear and preventive measures to keep those uncomfortable moments at bay. 

We also used our engaging creative campaign to demystify cold sores and say yes, it feels awful, but you can do something about it: Keep it cool!  

What we got?

We designed a campaign relatable to Gen Z that discussed feelings, problems, and a reliable solution. 

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Social media

We launched the digital campaign on social media and popular websites, generating outstanding results:  

+2.2 million

People reached (monthly)


Surpassed reach objectives

+3.5 million

Impressions (monthly)

Services provided on this project

Creative Concept

Brand Positioning

Digital Strategy

Content Strategy

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Strategic Planning

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