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The challenge

The crunchy, delightful, almost spiritual art of snacking is one of the best things ever! It's something we all experience, but not in the same way. There are those who crave spiciness, while others want something more salty or bitter, and there's some who live for umami.  

We know that snacking is the most important meal of the day, and Zambos has THE main element for the ultimate snacking experience: the almighty crunchy plantain chips.     

Zambos is one of the most popular brands in Honduras; millions of people there transform their bags into incredible snacks, like the beloved Zambos Preparados. 

But, here’s the thing. There's a community of snack lovers in the U.S. who don't yet know about the wonders that come from opening a bag of Zambos. 

So, we work with Zambos to boost the awareness of the brand with a new generation of “snackers”, young people who crave for a fascinating snacking experience.  

Zambos banner principal
Zambos segundo banner

What we did

Creative digital campaign

We launched the creative campaign Snack the way you like it!, our call to open up a bag of Zambos and enjoy it the way you want to. 

It’s also a call to be yourself and enjoy the things you love as you want to! Taking this crunchy bag of Zambos as an expression of your essence. 

Zambos modulo 2
Zambos modulo 3

Social media

Zambos social media is a showcase of irreverence, fun, and aesthetics that match the creativity and expression of our target audience. But also, it’s where we show all the different ways you can reinvent your snacking experience.  

Services provided on this project

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