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The challenge

Since 1944, Molina have been known for their extraordinary vanilla extract. But, just like the best wine makers, the company has worked countless hours carefully cultivating, harvesting, and selecting the finest Mexican vanilla pods to get the authentic flavor of greatness.  

Gran Reserva Molina is a special batch of pure Mexican vanilla extract, dedicated to all those special moments when details enhance the experience, making it unforgettable.  

When Molina came up with this amazing product, it didn’t have a name yet! So, we worked with Molina to create a brand identity that matched the product’s greatness, and to create an elegant, premium packaging that appeals to a market that also seeks greatness.  


Gran Reserva banner

What we did

A new brand for a superb product

We conducted extensive research, analysis, and discussion around the needs, habits, and desires of Gran Reserva Molina's ideal consumers to create a distinct brand true to their extraordinary essence.  

We also created a launch campaign for this amazing product, ready for the baking & holiday seasons, centered on the pureness of Gran Reserva Molina and how it helps elevate every dish to make it great. 

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Services provided on this project

Creative Concept

Brand Positioning

Digital Strategy

Content Strategy

Ad Buying Strategy

SEO - Friendly Website

Strategic Planning

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