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The challenge

This a familiar scene: you take your shoes off and then, the annoying, smelly, itchy athlete’s foot says “hello, old friend!”

Then, your answer: “Go away! You’re not welcome here,” as you try to hide it and search up how to get rid of it ASAP!

You don’t want anyone to notice that you have athlete’s foot; it's like a chain weighing you down, like a dark secret that no one can know… Luckily, Conazol can make everything better.

We worked with Conazol to demystify athlete’s foot, acknowledging that this is an awkward situation, but you can live your life freely with the right treatment.


What we did

Looking at the bright side

We didn’t want to talk like a doctor would, with technical jargon, a formal voice, and awful pictures of feet because, well, nobody wants to see how bad it can be. Besides, all the other brands are very product oriented.

So, we wanted to be this cool friend that brings some levity to the situation, encouraging users to keep doing all their activities while keeping their feet safe & free with Conazol.

What we created

Free the Foot is a campaign that celebrates all the things you want to do. It’s a call to action to keep your feet fresh and healthy while taking care of the main reasons athlete's foot appears.


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