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The challenge

Vainilla Molina is the #1 Mexican vanilla extract. For over 75 years, it’s the go-to option to enhance the flavor of delicious dishes and traditional desserts. We add a big splash of Vainilla Molina to millions of things every day, all kinds of sweet treats like flan, pan dulce, and aguas frescas.

When we helped boost Vainilla Molina's retail presence in the United States, we challenged the public's perception of vainilla extract: we went from a “nostalgic, traditional, occasional product to a versatile, indispensable cooking ingredient used every day.”

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What we did

Interest-based Digital Strategy

We identified the needs, habits, and behaviors of our target audience to engage them with appealing everyday cooking ideas for them to indulge in or to share with their loved ones or their communities.

We created an active digital community focused on food, with easy, practical recipes that anyone can cook at home and with content that speaks to all who express themselves with culinary creations.

What we created?

We ignited a market segment that loves sharing cooking ideas by demonstrating new delicious daily uses for Vainilla Molina.

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Social media you can taste

Our official Facebook and Instagram social media channels are great spots for sharing new recipes, cooking tips & hacks, and different ways of trying trendy cravings.

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Creative Concept

Brand Positioning

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